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B1 owner and founder Cally Burkle began her journey 7 years ago when she opened up B-1 Yoga in Dubuque Iowa.  Through this wellness path she learned about the natural wonders of the hemp plant and cannabis.  One can look up any condition with CBD oil and you will find testimonials and stories.  The anecdotes are endless and we may not have to suffer from imbalances that come with life.  Cannabis/Hemp is a powerful plant and we are only just beginning to discover all its possibilities.  


Our products come from the highest quality hemp plants and .  We stand behind our products and also want to provide a education to anyone who wants to learn or know more.  Reach out and let us know if you have any questions. 

Cally grew up on a farm in Iowa and believes that hemp and supporting hemp derived products with other Midwest farmers is step towards sustainable living for the region and the planet.  Supporting B1 is showing your support of the local Midwest farmer as most of our products are grown and produced locally. 

As a female entrepreneur,  and wellness educator, Cally believes that this new resurgence of hemp is one of the most exciting new opportunities of her generation. 

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We are located in East Dubuque, Illinois and we primarily sell hemp grown in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin.